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In late November, my 1992 Toyota 4x2 Pickup Truck was brought in for servicing to replace a defective starter.  After servicing the truck on 20 November, I drove it from Kings Toyota about 2 miles to my residence in Loveland.  By the time I reached my driveway, I felt the transmission slipping -- similar to a worn out clutch slipping -- and could not get up my inclined driveway into the garage.
So, I put the truck in reverse and backed up into the street with the plan of driving it back to Kings Toyota.  I only drove about 100 feet when it would not go further.  So I placed it in neutral and let it roll back down the street and parked it on the curb. 
Using AAA, the truck was returned to Kings Toyota for a second servicing.
While the truck was being serviced for a second time that day, your driver Joyce Benbow met me at Kings Toyota and delivered me to my residence.  Over the many years Kings Toyota has serviced my 2 Toyotas, Joyce has always driven her vehicle professionally and conscientiously, always obeying all traffic laws and making me feel comfortable riding as a passenger in her vehicle.
This time however, she noticed the large amount of transmission fluid stains on my driveway and back out into the street.  She told me that she could probably get her boss, Nate Hoehn to come out and clean my driveway.  Needless to say, this was totally unexpected and I was happy to received her comment ... "out of the blue." 
Sure enough, later that day, Nate Hoehn arrived at my residence and began to clean my driveway.  As a retired and handicapped senior citizen, I was overjoyed to know I would not have to clean my driveway or pay someone else to do it. 
Nate Hoehn cleaned the driveway for a couple of hours and did an excellent job.  I was worried that he was spending to much time at my residence and "might get in trouble" with his boss at Kings Toyota.  As the Manager of his unit, and Joyce's boss, he said no problem and continued to clean my driveway.
I was thoroughly pleased with the driveway cleaning that Nate did; following Joyce's comment to him, and wanted to acknowledge this with an email memo to Kings Toyota acknowledging their great work, and which I have found to be representative of all Kings Toyota personnel I have dealt with since 2002.
Respectfully, Walter D. G.
Loveland, Ohio

 Great work. I actually had a 3pm appt but had a chance to come in earlier and KToyota fit me in early which free'd up the balance of my day. Got in and out earlier than expected.
                                                                                                           STEVE T.  - Maineville, OH.
                                                                                                            Jan. 2014

Very professionally done - the Sienna minivan was in perfect condition when I drove it out of the service garage waiting area. There wasn't any leftover seat cover papers, trash on the floor, or changes to the seating position or driving controls.
DANIEL T.. - Cinti., OH
                                                                                                            Jan. 2014

Will was exceptional as my service advisor; he was professional, knowledgeable, caring for my car needs, and personable.
                                                                                                            DEVERAND R. - Mason, OH.
                                                                                                            Jan 2014

keep doing what they're doing I've never had one single bad experience with any one of the service techs they are always polite and informative, no complaints here!
KAREN W. - West Chester, OH.
                                                                                                             Jan. 2014

I love how you can just pull into the bay and have someone there to greet you at your car. Everyone was extremely helpful and courteous even though it was really busy when I was there.
Keep up the good work. It's great that I get free maintenance on my car. I am treated the same when I get the free maintenance as when I am paying for a service. You really train your teammembers well to give great service.
JACKIE A - Loveland, OH
                                                                                                            Jan. 2014

KingsToyota runs a excellent service department. I would love to borrow Dave,Nate,Chris,Ray to run my business . I COULDN'T PAY THOSE GUYS ENOUGH. An I can't leave out there fabulous staff ran by. chuck,Steve,bobby and Jamie. And of course great thanks to their leader MR. CARMICHAEL . Keep up the great work .
                                                                                                            JAMES T - Maineville, OH.
                                                                                                            Jan., 2014
Itwas easy and professional. Keep up the good work!
                                                                                                            WM. S. - Cinti., Oh.
. 2013

I've worked with almost all the service advisors and they are all good at their jobs. They are respectful of my time and any of my concerns. They explain things clearly and they give the options available to have my vehicle in good working condition while mindful of my budgetary limitations.
MARK  M. - Loveland, Oh.
. 2013

Awesome all the way around!!
                                            NANCY M. - Blue Ash, Oh.
                                            Dec. 2013

TRAVIS ROBINSON is wonderful to work with. He is very professional and thorough, while maintaining a kindness and a genuine care for me as a customer. I know that he really works hard to make sure that everything is done to my satisfaction. He is polite and courteous and always makes me feel as if he is glad to see me. As a customer, I feel well taken care of. When he is not available, I look to JAMES ROWAN, who is also fantastic.
                                                                                                        STACEY M. - Fairfield, Oh.
                                                                                                        Dec., 2013

TONY FIORITO and his team are great to do business with. Very friendly and someone you can trust.
                                                                                   AMANDA P. - Cinti, OH.
                                                                                                              Dec, 2013

I receive service immediately and service was completed in less than the time given. Everyone was so professional and nice.
                                                                                                              LORI S. - Blue Ash, OH.
                                                                                                              Dec., 2013

Its great, I always do it online and when I reach Kings Toyota on the day of my appointment, Service Adviser is ready to help. He is so cool, Understand all the things I mention and get those things done and also taken care of all other things which I forgot to mention. Overall, He did what he asked for and a little more.Kings Toyota is a great place to get your car serviced. I bought my Camry from them and after that I moved to a city which is 100 miles away from Cincinnati, But I still get my Car serviced at Kings Toyota whenever I visit Cincinnati OH.
                                                                                                           VENKAT G. - Dublin, Oh.
                                                                                                           Dec., 2013





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