Don't let the stress of vehicle maintenance get you down as you try to keep track of everyday life and your car's various needs. Toyota takes care of its owners with a full-service maintenance plan that covers your new vehicle for the beginning of your ownership. There are also other available plans that extend that care. Whether you've purchased a new or used Toyota or you've been a Toyota owner for a while now, you should know about your maintenance and service options. So, how much does a Toyota Maintenance plan cost, and what does it cover?

What Is the ToyotaCare Maintenance Plan?

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Toyota's ToyotaCare is a no-cost maintenance plan that covers so much more than the typical plan. You'll get full coverage for the first two years or 25,000 miles of a new Toyota model as well as roadside assistance. The 24-hour roadside assistance service means that you'll never be stranded with a flat tire again. This covers towing, winching, tires, battery jump starts, fuel delivery, and lock issues.

When your new Toyota is ready for factory-recommended maintenance, the Toyota-trained technicians at your dealership will take care of you at no cost. With the ToyotaCare app, you can receive alerts straight to your phone when your vehicle needs service. Keep in mind that this pertains only to new Toyota models purchased from a certified Toyota dealership. Even if you purchase a model from the current year, if it has been previously owned, the ToyotaCare coverage doesn't apply.

Services Included

ToyotaCare maintenance includes much of the regular services you would need throughout the year with any vehicle. Oil changes including filter replacement and disposal, tire rotations, multi-point inspections, and fluid inspections and adjustments are all included with this plan. You can also be sure that all of your services will be completed by top-notch technicians using genuine Toyota parts and high-quality oil and fluids.

How Much Does Toyota Maintenance Cost?

Typically, a Toyota owner will spend about $450 per year in maintenance costs, and that number will increase as you add miles to the car. So, with the two-year ToyotaCare maintenance plan, you'll save at least $900. This is just monetary savings; we're not talking about the time and stress savings that such a plan affords.

Once the two-year or 25,000-mile coverage is up, your maintenance costs will still likely be lower than with other vehicles. Toyotas are known to be reliable cars with easy maintenance. They handle lots of miles well and even maintain their value better than a lot of the other makes on the market. If you're looking for a vehicle that's easy to maintain and won't cause you stress over time, Toyota is the way to go.

Other Plan Options

ToyotaCare Plus is an additional option that offers even more coverage than the standard ToyotaCare plan. This available plan covers service for up to four years or 45,000 miles, whichever comes first. The coverage begins when you first purchase the car, so keep that in mind if you're considering adding this plan after a bit of driving. You can choose to add a ToyotaCare Plus plan to your purchase when you first buy your new Toyota, or you can add it on later if you qualify.

To qualify for ToyotaCare Plus, your vehicle must be within 37 months of when you first used it and have under 31,000 miles on it. This plan covers the same services and roadside assistance as the basic ToyotaCare plan but for longer. The roadside assistance coverage extends past the 31,000-mile mark up to the four-year mark. Call your local Toyota Dealer for cost information and to find out if you qualify.

Toyota Service Care is another maintenance plan offered by Toyota that you may be eligible for if you don't qualify for ToyotaCare or ToyotaCare Plus. This plan is good for two years and unlimited mileage from the time you purchase the plan. You can renew the plan after the two years is up for the length of your ownership.

Toyota Service Care provides the same benefits as the ToyotaCare and ToyotaCare Plus plans along with roadside assistance. You can purchase this plan for any Toyota model, even if you've already owned it for five years. Your local dealership can also help you get set up with this prepaid service plan through a simple phone call or visit.

How To Schedule a Service Appointment

Scheduling a service appointment is quick and easy. If you have the Toyota app, you can schedule a service using the app. Otherwise, simply call your local dealership or visit their website. Toyota Express Maintenance offers super quick service by a trained pit crew throughout the week and on certain days of the weekend, depending on your dealership's hours. If you need a ride while your Toyota is undergoing service, you can rent a car from the dealership.

Why Choose a Toyota Service Department Over Other Mechanics?

With so many options for car service around, you might wonder what makes the Toyota dealership service department worth visiting. If your Toyota is covered under the ToyotaCare maintenance plan, visiting a dealership for service is a no-brainer because it's free. Even if you need maintenance outside of the plan coverage, the dealership service department has technicians specifically trained to work with Toyota models, so they know your vehicle better than anyone.

If you purchase your vehicle from a Toyota dealership and then return there for service throughout your years of ownership, you'll be sure that they know your vehicle's history and specific needs. They will keep a regular eye on your tire tread, fluid levels, and more while alerting you to your vehicle's requirements. It's always best to have a mechanic who knows you and your vehicle well as they perform maintenance and repair work.

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