Nobody wants a cracked windshield, but that might be what you'll get if you ignore those rock chips on your windshield. Rock chips are not necessarily the problem, but if you don't get them treated by an experienced professional, they may end up turning into a huge (and expensive) problem. Rock chips can come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have the potential to do the same thing and spread into cracks. Once you have cracks on your hand, there may be no stopping them. You can try to repair them but the results aren't usually ideal, and by the time they spread across your windshield, it has already been weakened by the crack. Not to mention that your field of vision gets now distorted. When you get a rock chip repaired, it won't disappear, but it won't spread into cracks, which is what you want. Why let a perfectly good windshield go to waste? Contact us at Kings Toyota in Cincinnati, OH, and we can set up an appointment to assess the damage to your windshield and get started on repairing it.

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