Are your tires still working efficiently? How can you tell? Just a simple visual check can tell you a lot about the "health" of your tires. If they have bald spots, then they are most likely simply over-inflated, but if the tread is worn or cracked, then you may just need to get new tires. If you put a penny in head first into your tread and you can see the head, then you may barely have enough tread to keep you on the road. If this happens, you need to get to our dealership here at Kings Toyota in Cincinnati, OH, and we can put on some new ones for you. If your car "shudders" when you drive, then you need to get a balance done. You should also always get an alignment when you get your oil changed as a good measure. Then, hey, you can get two things done at once! Remember to also do those monthly checks on those tires. This way you can see any problems coming.

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