Here at Kings Toyota we're already starting to dream about summer excursions. Your vehicle will probably be ready for some service by the time we make it through winter, so why not get a head start?

Servicing your vehicle doesn't just keep it running smoothly all year round, it also helps our technicians discover any potentially damaging issues before they become more serious. We take immense pride in delivering in the best service to all of our customers so that they can thoroughly enjoy their vehicle for many years to come. We'll take on simple maintenance matters like changing your oil and rotating your tires, swapping out old windshield wipers, replenishing any low fluids as well as repairing or replacing any important parts of your Toyota. We'll make sure we get any job done better than all of our competition and for a price you simply can't beat.

Want to make an appointment today? Schedule online or by giving one of our service representatives a call and we'll make sure that we'll take a look under your hood right away.

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